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Bram Warshafsky

Bram Warshafsky, Founder

We all know how important store checks are but in reality, most of us don’t find the time to do them often enough, are unable to travel to different cities and countries, and don’t have a great way to share photos with our teams.

The result is an incomplete picture of what’s actually going on across our businesses. Instead of catering to the real needs of our customers, we settle for “averages” in historical sales data.

I experienced this problem firsthand when working in brand management and wondered if there was a way to have the store check come to you.

With Shelfgram, we've found the simplest way to collect, share, and analyze retail insights from the field. Our platform is the best way to go on a virtual retail safari and find out what the numbers aren't telling you.

Our mission is to enable the industry with new insights for new growth. We believe that when teams are empowered and supported to get execution details right, the results can be spectacular.

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