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Announcing global coverage: All Shelfgram users can now access 25,000 more checks per year!

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At Shelfgram, we're supercharging the store check to deliver new insights that drive new growth for our customers. Today, we're thrilled to announce a significant expansion of our coverage! We think it’s going to open up the world of retail and enable our community to explore global shopper trends.

We’re investing in an additional 25,000 store checks each year with 10,000 taking place in the United States and 15,000 spread across 50 additional countries from Fiji to Finland and everywhere in between. 

These new photos will provide a wealth of information, revealing:

  • Different assortment strategies from other parts of the world across 50 categories.
  • Brands that you may not have been aware of.
  • Emerging consumer trends in various markets.
  • How your own brand is executing in different countries and retail environments.


Even in smaller countries, you might discover that the GDP consumption per capita in your category is much higher. For examples, tea drinkers in the UK consume about twice as much as their North American counterparts. There are many more examples of categories with high development indices like coffee in Finland, toilet paper in Japan, and skin care in South Korea. We believe there's a big opportunity to learn from these markets and import best practices to grow the category.

The best part? This expanded data set is now available to all Shelfgram users at no additional cost. We love free stuff and want everyone to join on this exciting journey as we explore the world of retail together, uncovering new opportunities, trends, and insights along the way.

You can browse the ever-growing collection of international store checks here:

For the US, you’ll find the collection here:

Here’s the full list of countries that are included in the expanded coverage:

  1. Argentina
  2. Australia 
  3. Bangladesh 
  4. Brazil 
  5. Bulgaria 
  6. Burkina Faso 
  7. Cambodia 
  8. Chile 
  9. Colombia 
  10. Costa Rica 
  11. Ecuador 
  12. Egypt 
  13. El Salvador 
  14. Ethiopia 
  15. Fiji 
  16. Finland 
  17. France 
  18. Germany 
  19. Ghana 
  20. Greece 
  21. Guatemala 
  22. Honduras 
  23. India 
  24. Indonesia 
  25. Italy 
  26. Jamaica 
  27. Japan 
  28. Kenya 
  29. Malaysia 
  30. Mexico 
  31. Moldova 
  32. Nepal 
  33. Nigeria 
  34. Pakistan 
  35. Papua New Guinea 
  36. Peru 
  37. Philippines 
  38. Poland
  39. Serbia 
  40. Singapore 
  41. South Africa 
  42. South Korea 
  43. Sri Lanka 
  44. Taiwan 
  45. Thailand
  46. Turkey
  47. Uganda 
  48. United Arab Emirates 
  49. Venezuela 
  50. Vietnam
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