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Introducing Collections: curate a group of photos

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We're excited to announce Collections, the simplest way to organize your retail photos into thematic albums!

Every user on the Shelfgram platform now has a "Saved Photos" and a "Uploaded Photos" collection to start them off.

You can now create a collection around any theme you'd like and you have an unlimited number of collections!

In addition to organizing your own photos, you can also explore the collections of other users to what your peers have curated on the platform.

Here are a few interesting collections to check out right now:

  • Trader Joes & Localization - Every Trader Joe's has its own in-house artist. This collection curates photos that show how the retailer localizes the store environment.
  • Pumpkin Spice - A survey by spices and herbs brand Spice Islands found during autumn that 66% of Americans say they have one to three pumpkin spice products per week. This collection shows how that's brought to life at retail.
  • Roots 2018 'Summer is Cooler' Campaign - In 2018, Canadian retailer Roots ran a campaign to promote their collection, perfect for every warm-weather adventure. This collection takes a look at window displays to support this promotion across locations in Canada.
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