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Making photo filtering even better on Shelfgram

1 minute read

Today, we’re rolling out enhancements to the way you filter photos on Shelfgram! No more sliding in and out the filter menu. Simply click on the filter icon while on any feed to bring up the new filtering menu.

The new filtering menu uses a step-by-step builder to let you find exactly what you're looking for. You can now perform much more powerful queries on Shelfgram including:

  • Chaining AND and OR logic (e.g. Show me photos from convenience stores where the category is either chocolate bars or chewing gum)
  • Selecting photos that don't match specific criteria (e.g. Show me photos of my business outside of the United States)
  • You can now sort by popularity (what other Shelfgram users are looking at) and by date uploaded to see content that has been recently uploaded