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Retail Pipelines is now in 7 more countries!

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Shelfgram found its humble beginnings in the Canadian market. We introduced the idea of time-travel store checks to help brands and retailers understand the ground truth of their retail execution. 

More recently, you’ve probably noticed a lot more US content as we've scaled up our coverage across North America!

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve launched our Retail Pipelines service (syndicated nationwide weekly store checks) in 7 new markets: the US, the UK, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Spain, and Ecuador. In partnership with the great team at Field Agent, we’re bringing more insights and more growth opportunities to all of our customers.

Already, we’ve been inspired by a number of case studies where local teams are collaborating in new ways with their global counterparts through Shelfgram. In some cases, it’s been as simple as finding out about a new shipper that’s launched in another market, had a positive sales impact, and then asking for the creative files.

Ultimately, getting global visibility has a significant local impact.

If you’re looking for 2-3% growth vs. last year on your base business, your current strategy is probably good enough. 

But if you want 20-30% growth, you’ll need to secure incremental facings or get new listings. That means you’ll need to change the planogram, which means you’ll need to convince the retailer that there’s a better version of the category out there.

Naturally, the most inspiring case studies we’ve seen at Shelfgram have all been manufacturers leveraging global visibility to bring bold category recommendations that create local impact. There’s now been a couple of POG changes that all originated from photos on our platform.

It’s pretty powerful to walk into a customer meeting and discuss winning the Canadian diabetes shopper with examples from Mexico where the category is twice as large. Similarly, what insights around assortment, adjacencies, and pricing can be learned from tea planograms in the UK where consumption is 3x per capita vs. Canada?

Finding and analyzing a more developed version of your category enables bold planogram recommendations that move the category in the right direction. With new visibility into your category across other markets, it’s easier than ever to leverage your global expertise in customer meetings.

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