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Competitive intelligence

You may think you know your competitors, but with limited visibility to the wide brick-and-mortar landscape, you’re vulnerable. Shelfgram brings clarity with a suite of competitive intelligence tools, helping you identify new competitors and understand how a competitor's shelf presence is impacting your sales.

With Shelfgram, you can quickly and easily monitor competitive activity. Create alerts for ongoing monitoring or take a deeper dive to see how and why your competitors excel in certain categories, seasons, channels, or regions.

Share of shelf

Shelf space is the most valuable real-estate you've got. But it's hard to always make sure you're getting a fair share of the shelf vs. the contribution you're making to category sales.

In a fiercely competitive retail environment, Shelfgram can help you assess whether or not your products are on the shelf, have enough space, are eye-level, have favourable adjacencies, and more.

Promotional compliance

Avoid costly, retail blindspots and start seeing into your full retail network, including retailers that don't participate in data syndication programs, hard to reach channels, and emerging markets where ground truth data is incomplete.

Shelfgram gives you authentic and irrefutable visual back-up to demonstrate shortcomings in execution as well as the comprehensiveness of compliance challenges to the retailer.

Business planning

Shelfgram helps your team discover, analyze, and prioritize these opportunities so you can confidently focus your strategy on the improvements that will have the largest business impact.

Our reporting feature integrates seamlessly into your monthly reporting process and for annual retrospectives, you'll be able to consider how planogram compliance, shelf resets, promotional displays, and more impacted your business.

Best practices

With Shelfgram, you can explore what store conditions look like where your brand is growing vs. declining and identify the promotional characteristics that attract shopper attention and drive sales growth.

Start importing best practices from other categories, other channels, and even other countries that you might not normally get to see.

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